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Clunky Hero story-driven platformer gets bigger

clunky hero story-driven platformer game gets bigger on linux mac windows pc

Clunky Hero story-driven platformer game gets bigger on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. All thanks to the creative genius of developer Chaosmonger Studio. Available on both Steam Early Access and GOG. While continuing to pull in 91% Positive review.

Clunky Hero a fun platformer metroidvania with a healthy dose of humour. Lovers of genres like metroidvania, platformer, adventure, RPG, prepare your horses. Doing to to get ready for battle in this priceless story-driven adventure with Rufus. Who is trying to liberate his wife. Armed with a broom and a bucket he is ready to fight back. Facing various comical challenges on the way, fighting bosses, solving side quests, and exploring the bizarre world. Doing so in nearly 40 different levels taking place in 7 different areas. And it’s good. Also having put a fair bit of time into Clunky Hero myself.

Clunky Hero – Early Access Trailer

Thsoe levels are now growing even further. While offering more bug fixes and changes to the Clunky Hero. Chaosmonger has created 2 new areas for a total of 10 new levels. Each with their own secrets, shops, enemies, and bosses. But those, however, are for the full release. Due to be available by the end of the Summer. But in the mean time, we have more upgrades and additions.

Improvements and Additions

  • The Inventory now has cells in different colors to highlight the class of an item. Due to better detect what each item does.
  • Clunky Hero has two new translated languages: Norwegian and Portuguese.
  • The Input System now has a setup menu to customize every button as the player wishes. Due note: the buttons icons that appear in-game will stay the default ones. Some voices of the input setup will stay in English.
  • The UI has been improved in various aspects. The Quests Interface is now with a bigger font and it’s scrollable. Also to be modular and implement new quests for the full version.
  • Some Enemies’ AI have been improved.
  • The Map system for the whole world has been improved. It is now possible to zoom and scroll it to have a better understanding of the player position and world geography.
  • Added an Option to toggle the Camera Shake during blows and hits.

Clunky Hero story-driven platformer game gets bigger is rocking Steam Early Access and GOG. Priced at just $8.99 USD / £7.99 / 8,99€. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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