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Clunky Hero will have you meet Rufus in a week

clunky hero will release in a week via the games debut on linux mac windows pc

Clunky Hero will have you meet Rufus in a week via the games release on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the efforts of developer Chaosmonger Studio. Due to make its debut onto Steam Early Access.

Rufus is calling for help! His wife has been kidnapped, and he wants to get her back! Armed with a broom and a bucket, he is now almost ready to fight all coming challenges. Join Rufus, a humorous character in Clunky Hero. All while on a journey filled with humor, action, and mystery. Which is gearing up for a November 9th Early Access. This will also be a day one release, thanks to an email from Chaosmonger Studio.

Clunky Hero is coming for PC (Windows, Linux, MacOs) on 9th of November!

Clunky Hero is the second game developed by Chaosmonger. Which is also now building its way up in the platformer metroidvania genre with the upcoming release.

Clunky Hero – Trailer Early Access

Story driven platformer Clunky Hero is a unique take on the metroidvania genre. It offers a funny storyline and exciting world exploration. So that players will be solve side quests and discover weapons, and fight bosses. Doing so in an adventure through a bizarre world with the main goal to defeat the Evil One. And also free Rufus’ wife that has been taken away from him.


  • Nearly 40 different levels set in 7 different areas
  • 15+ Interiors
  • 6 Skills: Double Jump, Dash, Dive, Cling, Range Shot, and Blasting Attack
  • Combine 8 different bonus items in Clunky Hero. Doing so on 3 bonus slots to boost your character’s skills and abilities
  • Defeat tough bosses
  • Humorous dialogues and funny items/ weapons
  • Trade items on various shops along with the game
  • Various side quests to level up your character
  • Original Music

Clunky Hero is coming to Steam in Early Access on November 9th. Doing so on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. While see support for 8 languages (English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Traditional Chinese). So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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