Cobalt Alpha Available Now (but only for PC)

Minecraft developer Mojang, is now available.

The game is currently available in an unfinished state. Those who buy the game during this ‘Alpha’ phase will pay just 9.95 Euros (~AU$13), or half the price of the final release – such early adopters will essentially become investors, funding future development of a quirky game from some of the finest game developers in Sweden.

What is Cobalt?
Cobalt is an awesome platform game featuring several game modes in both hot-seat multiplayer and in singleplayer. Cobalt comes with a game editor where players can create their own maps and adventures. Cobalt is ALSO a platform game engine that can be used to create new modes or completely new games.

What are the plans for Cobalt?
Our vision for Cobalt is to expand on the in-game editor to the point where the player can create everything from single maps to whole campaigns from scratch, including adding their own units and characters and finally being able to share their creations with the community from within the game.

Meanwhile, the development team will continue adding their own maps and game modes to the game as well as continue work on the main campaign.

What will the player get when pre-ordering Cobalt?
When pre-ordering the game the player will get access to the current build of the game as well as all future updates up until and including the full release of the game. This is limited to the PC-version of the game (Mac, Windows, Linux). Pre-orders will of course be offered at a discount price.

By pre-ordering you support the continued development of the game. Think of it as part pre-order, part funding support.

Current status of the game – Alpha
The first alpha release includes two hot-seat versus game modes (capture the plug and death match) and a co-op game mode (survival). The number of players in hot seat mode is theoretically limited by the number of USB-controllers you manage to forcefully plug in to your poor computer. That and the hardware limitations of your computer. Theoretically.

Cobalt will ultimately be released for Linux and Mac, but for the time being the game is Windows-only.

More details at the official Cobalt website.

In other Mojang news, Markus ‘Notch’ Persson is currently participating in the ‘Ludum Dare’ 24-hour game creation challenge – you can watch him program in real time at this live-stream.


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