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Code 7 release date announcement (Linux)

code 7 release date announcement linux mac windows games steam

German based Indie studio GoodWolf is proud to announce their Hacking based games text adventure. Since release date for Code 7 Episode 1 is set to August 11th for Linux, Mac and Windows. Coming to Steam, so Wishlist it, pre-order on Itch or Humble Store.,

So Code 7 combines hacking gameplay with a unique narrative experience. Since the MS-DOS like system will allow players to solve puzzles and uncover the story. While trying to figure out the loss of communication with Humanity’s first interstellar space station.

Two agents, Sam and Alex, are arrive to figure out what is happening. Yet find themselves face to face with an A.I. that threatens the whole of humanity. So it is up to them to stop it. Then figure out the true motives of the A.I. and what Code 7 exactly is.

So, when a third force enters the ring, it becomes even harder to distinguish who is a friend. Or who is a foe, what is the reality, and what is the truth?

Broken into multiple instalments, each episode will introduce a new character (or characters) whom Alex will have to work with, together, as a team. You will have to make important decisions that will influence their course in the story and define their relationship with you in the final episode (provided, that is, they survive…).

Depending on your choices, characters will think of you as a friend or an enemy and the finale in Episode 5 will change, accordingly.

Code 7 Features:

  • Challenging puzzles that test the player’s nerve. With the perception and ability to decode scattered messages.
  • Code 7 is a full voice text adventure, with animations, music and sound effects!
  • Team up with the games main characters in each episode. Talk to, navigate and protect them and in return, they will help you.
  • Important choices that determine how the finale, Episode 5, plays out.
  • Depending on your playstyle, each episode will have a playtime of around 1.5 hours.

Episode 0 can be downloaded for free via the official Facebook page.

So the Code 7 release date is August 11th. Currently available for Wishlisting on Steam, pre-order on Itch or Humble Store. Coming to Linux, Mac and Windows.

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