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Code 7 text-based adventure on Greenlight with a free demo for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

Code 7 is an elegant modern #text #adventure for Linux, Mac and Windows, a genre we have not seen the likes of for a while. The #gameplay itself combines the text adventure genre with cinematic full featured voice-over storytelling this is impressive. A title you have to play in order to understand how well a text-based adventure can feel in 2015.

Even more so as a sci-fi horror offering, Code 7 establishes its atmosphere in a very successful horror vibe. The writing and the way the game plays adds the right amount of user-support and the audio-visual aspect adds the right touch, as you play a hacker who has just woken up in a creepy AI research lab. Being asked to type in commands like robot.override or adds to the fact you can make some nasty moves and die. But you are on a mission to assist a companion in freeing the both of you while figuring out the rest of this mysterious adventure.  So beware.

Check out Code 7 for yourself, as the demo offers about an hour prologue to play completely free for Linux, Mac and Windows. Do keep in mind that some of the puzzles put you under some time pressure but it does make for a more challenging gameplay. You will definitely appreciate the content thus far, as the title is secretly impressive.

When Retra Games voted on Greenlight there will be five longer episodes planned that expand the story depending on the choices the player makes.


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