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Code Alkonost survival horror to end with a port

code alkonost survival horror game will end with a linux and mac port with windows pc

Code Alkonost survival horror game will end with a Linux and Mac port with Windows PC. Due to the creative works and further details from developer Remote Human. Working to make its way onto Steam in 2023.

Remote Human is eager to announce the official teaser for the highly anticipated horror game Code Alkonost. Due to release on PC in 2023 on all major digital platforms. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, Code Alkonost explores psychological and survival horror elements inside a dark fantasy world. All inspired by Slavic mythology and medievalism style. On top of that, Linux and Mac support are also in the plan.

Firstly, we will release the game for PC platforms (Windows, Linux, and Mac) with VR integration support.

Code Alkonost will release on Windows PC, then evolve onto Linux and Mac. Due to deliver the native port, roughly, by March 31st, 2023. Where gameplay uses an immersive feature (Sanity Effect). Which will track user behavior during gameplay. As you can see, there is a reason to keep the Early Access release focused on one platform. So be sure to Wishlist the game for Early Access (it’s free). With enough support, the developer “will provide a Linux build for playtesting.”

Code Alkonost | 10 Minutes of Gameplay

Code Alkonost is an upcoming single-player adventure horror game. The game features story-rich and setting inspired by Slavic mythology. Players will travel through a dark fantasy world and face possessive spirits. These are spirits from the underworld. Along with a unique art style and stories never before seen in horror games.

In Code Alkonost, two twin sisters Sasha and Aleksandra go out to leave gifts. Doing so in front of the idol of the Slavic god Perun. Since they believe the gods would give them health and peace in the Jawia world. While Sasha is handing over food to the idol, Sister Aleksandra decides to become playful and hides from Sasha. Which also leads Sasha to the entrance to the Forbidden. A place where robbers are sent when they receive the death penalty. Where it was believed that demons wander. After arriving at the Forbidden Forest, she hears her sister screaming. After she decides to enter the forest. As a result, the entrance to the forest is closed and there is no way out for Sasha. The sunset has set as you enter the Slavic survival horror.


  • Sanity effect: The sanity effect can impact the Code Alkonost overall gameplay. Doing so by adding tension and fear inside the game setting. It’s a patented gameplay feature that will make you think outside the box. On top of letting you use external PC equipment. Due to make your gameplay deeper, based on your emotions.
  • Travel from Jawia to Nawia: Exciting story-rich game inspired by Slavic mythology and culture. Dark fantasy books and comics heavily inspire the game story. Visit Slavic mythology versions of the human world and the underworld. Face mythical creatures, solve Slavic god’s quests, and discover mysteries. Delve inside dynamic and deept settings. Learn how to use Slavic witchcraft to protect yourself from enemies. Get to know the Code Alkonost characters and solve puzzles to progress.
  • You can’t fight back: The Code Alkonost hero has no weapons or way to fight back. Instead, she needs to run and hide from creatures. The creatures will have various temperments, so it is up to the player to decide how to deal with them. All due to further progress through the game world. Are they friends or foes?
  • Real actors and realistic setting: The unique visual art style and scanned objects form an ethnographic museum and famous locations. Since they have never been in any game before. Scanned face models and voiceovers of real word actors. Due to provide an amazing cinematic experience. All developed using novel state of the art tech. Professional voice actors provide the voices to create the feeling that someone is watching you.

maturity and Progress:

  • The psychological horror story of maturity and progression: Code Alkonost
  • Authentic Slavic music: The Code Alkonost game soundtrack consists of ethno and traditional Slavic folklore music. But all due to offer different arrangements. Music speeds up in certain situations to make the player aware of approaching danger. Frightening music and sound effects will create tension. Since the player is inside dark forests and empty castles.

Code Alkonost survival horror is available to Wishlist now on Steam. A public demo is planned for fall 2022. Free to play during Early Acces or until Q1 2023. Due to arrive on Windows PC, followed by Linux and Mac. With enough Wishlist support on Steam, we will have a Linux build for playtesting.

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