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Coffee Shop Tycoon aims at a 1.0 port

coffee Shop tycoon management game aims at a 1.0 linux port with windows pc

Coffee Shop Tycoon management game aims at a 1.0 Linux port with Windows PC. Thanks to the talents and ongoing success of developer Riff Studios. Currently still going strong via Steam Early Access with 86% Very Positive reviews.

The coffee shop management game Coffee Shop Tycoon has a new content update. This is called the Economy Update. This is also the last one before the game hits full release in December 2022. The 0.9 Update adds a new leveling system and introduces customer opinions. Along with fully functional condiment bars as well as other new features and fixes. Players can take a further look at the update in the new dev blog entry and get their hands on Coffee Shop Tycoon.

Coffee Shop Tycoon | Update 0.9 Release Trailer

But first, we have been discussing Coffee Shop Tycoon development with Riff Studios. Since there is some demand from the Linux gaming community in the Steam forum.

I’ve been able to play test it on a Steam Deck and it runs pretty good. Once we release 1.0 we will try to do a native Linux version, hopefully Unity will make most of the work.

Since Coffee Shop Tycoon is launching in December, Linux support is due to take place, “sometime during the first half of 2023.” At least once the developer irons out any major release bugs. While hoping for a smooth native port with minimal issues.

0.9 Update New Features:

  • New leveling system. Fans, and not levels, are the new measure for progression in-game. Before, there were only 11 levels based on the store’s reputation. Now, that limit no longer exists so the game will become more challenging: the more famous a shop becomes, the more demanding its customers will be!
  • Players can now take a look at the customers’ opinions. They will have thought bubbles expressing their opinions about your coffee or your service. There will also be a dashboard in Coffee Shop Tycoon to check all the details in the same place.
  • Store icons have been revamped.
  • Employees can have custom names.
  • Pathfinding fixes, that no longer let customers get stuck in front of a cashier.

Coffee Shop Tycoon management game is available via Steam Early Access. Priced at $7.99 USD / £5.79 / 6,59€. Along with support for Windows PC, which works via Steam Deck. Linux support due to arrive in the first half of 2023.

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