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Cold Calling unique switchboard operator game

cold calling unique switchboard operator in linux windows games

Cold Calling is a switchboard operator game coming to Linux and Windows. Developer Can’t Get Enough Games have a unique idea. Managing a switchboard during the Cold War. Plus we have details on the games Demo.

November, 1962: The height of the Cold War. Just months after the Cuban Missile Crisis. A new foreign affair is about to go nuclear. Since you are the new White House switchboard operator. So it’s up to you to make ensure a connection. Keeping long distance diplomacy in check. So they don’t go south. Get ready to phone it in.

In Cold Calling you will route strategic calls. Between the United States and the Soviet Union. Along the way you’ll also meet the game’s cast.
The intense world leaders. All using a mysterious “Time Phone”. So you can talk to famous figures of the past.
While using loose wires on the switchboard. It’s up to you to juggle oncoming waves of calls. Guiding them safely from caller to recipient.

This is also fast paced puzzle gameplay. Cold Calling is full of hilarious exchanges. Between characters in a drifting adventure. While your own choices affect the outcome of the story.

Linux Support:

“We had not previously considered a Linux release. But we are using Unity. So it would be easy to make a Linux build of our demo if there is interest.
We’re going to be releasing our demo next month.”

So Can’t Get Enough Games will send out the Demo soon. The email goes on to explain, “I’ll be happy to send you a Linux build.”
But at the time of writing, there is no Steam page. And no way to Wishlist to show interest in Cold Calling.
Mind you, the way I understand this reply. A native build is incoming. So you can sign up for the Demo on the official website. And show some Tux Love on Twitter.

Cold Calling switchboard operator Demo (Linux, Windows)


  • Fast-paced, frantic puzzle gameplay that starts simple and ramps up quickly.
  • A visual novel adventure full of absurd, charming characters from American and Russian history.
  • Multiple endings, determined by who you choose to route certain important calls to.
  • Beautiful stylized pixel art inspired by 1960’s design.
  • Original soundtrack for Cold Calling. Inspired by classic film scores.

So if you want to explore Cold Calling. Sign up for the games Demo. Which is coming to Window and Linux too. Since there is no word on price or release date yet.

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