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A Cold Hearth DLC releases for Hand of Fate 2

a cold hearth dlc releases for hand of fate 2 on linux mac windows

Hand of Fate 2: A Cold Hearth DLC releases for Linux, Mac and Windows. While forging a powerful new playing piece in the Game of Life and Death. So we welcome the legendary bounty hunter, Cruel Keturah. Available now on Steam and GOG.

So now the story changes yet again. Since there is a deranged killer at large in the city of Ironpeak. Therefore only a veteran hunter with a heart of ice has the mettle required to bring him to justice. But what drives Keturah to pursue her target so doggedly? And what lengths will she go to get her man?

Ironpeak is famed for its industry, and this adventure will bolster your arsenal with some awesome new firepower. Wield pistols, blunderbusses and enchanted gauntlets into battle, or cut your foes down to size with deadly new bleed weapons.

Hand of Fate 2: A Cold Hearth DLC Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

This DLC includes a new companion, a new companion quest chain, new utility encounters and new pieces of equipment to unlock.

A Cold Hearth DLC releases for Hand of Fate 2 on both Steam and GOG, priced at $2.99 USD. Available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

What is Hand of Fate 2?

Hand of Fate 2 once again challenges players to overcome trials built from collectible cards, handed out by the Dealer. Each card will test players with hack-and-slash combat, dangerous locales to explore, tense minigames, or Dungeons & Dragons-style decisions. A new map-based overworld allows players to discover and unlock those challenges in entirely new ways.

The sequel also introduces a variety of new features, including weapon types and associated fighting styles, cards that can provide a powerful boost, different victory conditions for combat and the dealer’s card game, as well as all-new bosses, enemy types, and storylines.

The Dealer, Hand of Fate’s magical antagonist, returns seeking vengeance following his defeat in the first title. Under the destructive influence of Hand of Fate’s original hero, a xenophobic tyrant has crowned himself emperor, banned all magic and exiled the non-human races. Hand of Fate 2’s new hero must master the Game of Life and Death to exact the Dealer’s revenge and topple the oppressive empire.

A Cold Hearth DLC requires the base game Hand of Fate 2 in order to play, priced $29.99 USD on Steam and GOG.

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