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COLINA: Legacy survival horror now on Steam

colina legacy survival horror now on steam for linux windows

COLINA: Legacy survival horror is now available on Steam for Linux and Windows. Thanks to Newly developed independent video game publisher, Chance6, launching their first published title. Which is also a third-person, survival horror game that will keep players on the edge of their seats. Or hiding under their desks in terror. Since you have to face challenging puzzles and unique monsters. COLINA: Legacy is ready for players now on Steam for only $9.99 USD.

“We brought the team aboard who had been working on COLINA because we saw something special in the game,” states Marketing Director, Steven Na. “Developed by a dedicated team down in Brazil with a love for this genre, we know fans of the horror games are in for a real treat.”

COLINA: Legacy follows Alex, a young man who has mysteriously woken up in his grandmother’s home. Since he has no idea where his family has disappeared to. Yet grandmother’s house isn’t all that it seems. So Alex must find a way out if the house and beyond. While avoiding the certain death that is coming for him.

COLINA: Legacy survival horror Teaser (Linux, Mac, Windows)

In this game, players will need to use not only their survival instincts. But also their minds as there are challenging puzzles in the home and the surrounding areas.

About COLINA: Legacy

COLINA: Legacy is an indie survival horror game with puzzle elements. Control Alex as he struggles to grasp what has happened when a visit to his grandmother’s house becomes a vacation of terror.

Psychological horror finds a new home when the young Alex wakes to find himself alone and in need of escape. He’ll have to use his wits to get through the terrifying situations set before him, or lose more than just his mind.

Available now for Linux and Windows on Steam, COLINA: Legacy retails for $9.99 USD. Plus there is a 10% discount until September 20th.

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