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Combat Update II with Turret Building in Avorion

Combat Update II with Turret Building in Avorion for linux mac windows

Combat Update II with available now with Turret Building in Avorion for Linux and Windows. While including new UI overhauls, a new sophisticated Turret Design Editor. Also new coaxial weapons as well.

Turret Building:

With Combat Update II this will allow you to specialize your fleet even more. Since Turret Designs can be shared on the Steam Workshop just like normal ship designs. And there are already a ton of designs there to get you started.

The Combat Update II is now live on the default branch. With this update Boxelware introduces the new Turret Building Mode. Since this allows you to build your own turret designs. Also do note, turret designs will be purely aesthetic, for balance and time reasons.

Features of the Combat Update II in Avorion:

  • Collision Damage Rework
  • Neutral Editor for distraction-free editing
  • Full Ship Design sharing, including Turrets
  • Xsotan Damage Rebalancing
  • Tons more!

Coaxial Weapons:

Coaxial weapons now find their way into Avorion. These are also weapons that require 5 or more slots, Now considered to be coaxial weaponry. These only look in a single direction and cannot turn. But also deal 3 times the damage of their 5-Slot equivalent non-coaxial turret counterpart.

Collision Damage Rework:

Collision damage ets a revamp in this update. So instead of applying all inflicted damage to blocks AND main HP. The collision damage now spreads through the ship. While only damaging the main HP as much as it would damage blocks. So when you just slightly graze an asteroid. Your ship will now blow up immediately any more.

Different kinds of blocks also absorb a portion of their HP in collision damage. For example armor. A block with 100 hp will negate 75 hp of collision damage. So armour will be perfect against collision damage.

Price and Availability (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Avorion is still on Early Access and available for Linux and Windows. Priced at $17.99 USD on Steam and Humble Store.