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The Church in the Darkness has a new narrated gameplay video the designer

the church in the darkness designer releases narrated video

Join designer #RichardRouse as he guides you through The Church in the Darkness, the #upcoming action-infiltration #game that delves into the cults and radical movements of the 1970’s as the player attempts to locate your nephew in the isolated confines of Freedom Town.

Watch the gameplay video with commentary from designer Richard Rouse:

Persecuted for their radical beliefs, Rebecca and Isaac Walker have lead their people into the jungles of South America, including your nephew Alex. As former law enforcement officer Vic, you infiltrate the commune, but life in Freedom Town may not be what it seems. Every playthrough offers a unique version of Freedom Town with a different objectives, character personalities, and a shifting narrative told through investigation, observation, and action.

Come see Richard along with The Church in the Darkness voice-actors Ellen McLain and John Patrick Lowrie (a.k.a. GLaDOS and the Team Fortress 2 Sniper) for “The Dark Art of Video Game Voice Acting Revealed!” on Saturday, 2pm in the Sasquatch Theatre. Ellen and John will also be at the booth (#7009) for meet & greets on Saturday, 11:30-12:30, and Sunday 3:00-4:00pm.

The Church in the Darkness is developed in Unity and coming to Mac, Windows PC, with potential Linux in tow in 2017. Right now the developers are focused on the current supported platforms but “Linux is a possibility”. Up vote native Linux support on the Steam Discussion.

For more information, follow @churchdarkness on Twitter, Facebook, and the official website.


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