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Company of Crime strategy support uncertain

company of crime strategy support uncertain for linux beside windows pc

Company of Crime empire-builder strategy support for Linux support beside Windows PC. According to developer Resistance Games. Which is due to release this summer on Humble Store and Steam.

1C Entertainment and developer Resistance Games just announced, Company of Crime. This is a tactical turn-based criminal empire builder strategy game. One that also takes place in 1960’s London. Where players will have a choice to become a leader of a cruel gang. While buildomg a company that will rule the criminal underworld. Pr play as the chief inspector of Scotland Yard’s famous Flying Squad. So you can tear down the criminal gangs piece by piece.

Company of Crime is also due to arrive on Windows PC. Therefore, we reached out to developer Resistance Games for details on Linux support.

The game is using UE4. Regarding the Linux port, we cannot really say for certain at the moment.

This question is raised in the Steam discussions as well. With an answer of “Consider we may” from 1C Publishing. So it’s clear that both developer and publisher are trying to evaluate the coming release. Putting other platforms into perspective for Company of Crime. Especially since Unreal Engine 4 is being used here. Which may also mean strategy support using Proton / Steam Play going forward. But honestly, it’s best to show your Tux Love or +1 in on the Discussion post. Hopefully, with enough support, a native Linux build.

Company of Crime – Announcement trailer

Company of Crime is a hybrid of empire builder and tactical strategy game. One that features a turn-based combat system with a heavy focus on melee. You can either play as the Criminal side or as the Police. Since in each case you will have to build a team that consists of gang members. Including the different skills required to pull off criminal tasks. Or detectives that have mastered the art of investigation.

The game takes place in London, the cultural capital of the world and home to a plethora of subcultures and businesses, during the vivid decade of 1960s, featuring beatniks, mods, lemonheads, rockers and every other cultural identity of that time. As you progress in the game, you will visit pubs, clubs, vets, tailors, harbours and many other locations around London as you expand your influence over the city.

The big question is ultimately this: Will you become a leader of a ruthless gang and build an influential criminal empire, or head up an elite Scotland Yard task force and crack down on the rising tide of corruption?


  • Tactical turn-based melee combat – With a focus on melee combat and tight spaces, Company of Crime sets itself apart from other tactical turn-based strategy games.
  • Heat mechanics – When doing your dirty business, you’d be wise to silently extort your way through the underworld.
  • Level progression – This is more than just cops and robbers. Whatever the mission is, there is level progression beyond just hit points and stamina.
  • Building legit business with criminal means – Progression of the game takes place as you… ahem… “convince” people to sell their businesses and homes to you at a bargain price, or at least turn a blind eye to what you do in their back room.
  • Not just your own story – This is a story of 1960s London with beatniks, mods, lemonheads, rockers and every other cultural identity of the time.
  • Reactive Police – Shady business takes place in obscurity, so police gameplay is more reactive. You get the call only when violence takes place, but that’s not the best way to find evidence against the criminal families.

Company of Crime will to launch this summer on Windows PC. Due to arrive on both Humble Store and Steam. And with enough backers, the strategy support along Wishlisting on Steam, a Linux build as well.

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