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Complex SKY city building to get native support

complex sky city building game to get native linux support with windows pc

Complex SKY city building game to get native Linux support with Windows PC. According to recent details from the efforts of developer Complex Blue Studio. Currently working to make a Steam Early Access release.

Create a city unrestricted by gravity. Complex SKY is a futuristic strategy game that takes place in a world devastated by pollution. Players are tasked with building a fully self-sustainable city in the skies, Due to populate it with human settlers.

Build beautiful, gravity defying landscapes as you Stack structures on top of each other. Create a city unlike any other. The city is your oyster so create your own style.

This is the premise behind Complex SKY. However, there are plans for Linux and Mac.

I have plan to build a Linux and Mac version of the game in the Early Access phase.

The Complex SKY Early Access phase is due to carry on for 2 to 3 years. But there are no specifics as to when the Linux build will be available. Or for that matter, when the game will hit Early Access.
However, due note the game is developed in Unity 3D. And you can check out the very playable Alpha build via Itch. Simple using wine with the command: wine COMPLEXSKY.exe and enjoy. It’s a pretty good first look at gameplay. Actually, the Complex SKY art style and gameplay is quite inspiring. Just check out the trailer.

Complex Sky – The Mix 10th Anniversary Trailer

Once you run out of space, flip the whole city upside down and continue building. So you can use the game’s unique vertical architecture system. Keep your city running by supplying buildings with water and electricity. You can also choose a tech corporation to headline the Complex SKY project. Each with its own traits, advantages, and drawbacks. While you keep the perfect balance between the well-being of your citizens and industrial might. Using all the perks of your corporation to the max.

Scientists, Workers, and Operators will populate your Utopia. So their well-being is key to the prosperity of your city. Fulfill their needs and get access to advanced technology and building schematics in Complex SKY. All while you setup supply chains, grow, and optimize them to ensure the steady growth of your city. Start by mining rock and coal and progress to developing experimental composite materials.

Choose from a story-based CHALLENGE mode and a free-range SANDBOX. Want to test your skills further? Spice it up with the custom difficulty setting. Then see how far you can get in an unforgiving setting.

Complex SKY is coming an impressive minimalistic art style. Wich is further enhanced by a playful, upbeat soundtrack.


  • Build beautiful, gravity-defying landscapes with the ability to stack or flip any structure in game.
  • Manage the city’s mass, processing power, production lines and other valuable resources to keep the ecosystem afloat.
  • Populate the utopia with people and assign its workforce carefully to ensure stable growth.
  • Play multiple game modes, from story-based CHALLENGE mode to free-range SANDBOX.
  • Striking minimalist art style, enhanced by a playful, upbeat soundtrack.

Complex SKY city building is developed by Complex Blue Studio. Which is also a one-man indie creator from Thailand, the game is coming to Windows PC, then Linux and Mac via Steam Early Access. So you might want to Wishlist the game. The release date is still TBD.

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