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Conscript pixel art survival horror hits Kickstarter

conscript pixel art survival horror game hits kickstarter on linux mac windows with a demo

Conscript pixel art survival horror game hits Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC plus a game Demo. Thanks to the creative efforts of developer Catchweight Studio. The crowdfunding campaign just released. With a pledge goal of $30,000 AU ($20,619 USD).

Catchweight just announced the launch of the Kickstarter campaign for Conscript. A pixel art survival horror game taking place in Verdun’s trenches during the first World War. The campaign also comes with a playable demo via Steam and a new trailer. Do note, this game Demo is for Windows PC only, but works well using Proton 5.09. Should you want to check it out.

Officially selected for the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition. Conscript is inspired by classic survival horror games such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill. Doing so with a top-down perspective. Mixing pixel art with unique hand drawn historical environments.

Conscript Kickstarter Trailer

In Conscript, you play André a young french soldier. Who is also looking for his brother Pierre. Currently missing in action during the battle of Verdun. All due to the historic and brutal environment. You are under constant risk of bombings, gas and enemy raids. So you have to be cautious and manage your limited supplies. While crafting what you can find to survive your journey across the battlefield. Face enemies in fast paced combats on your mission. You also have to solve complex puzzles to go deeper into enemies zones.

The Kickstarter campaign is an “all or nothing” campaign. After 3 years of solo development. The Conscript Kickstarter campaign will help Jordan, the developer complete the game. While hoping to cover costs for additional animation, production and development. The funds are key to creating the best possible version of game.


  • Experience classic and careful survival horror gameplay. Taking place in the trenches of the First World War.
  • Pixel art graphics and harsh sound designs
  • Explore hand drawn historical setting of the terrible Verdun battle
  • Fight enemy soldiers and other disturbing instances
  • Use various firearms and melee weapons to make your way
  • Manage your limited ammunition and supplies
  • Solve complex puzzles
  • Play and replay through difficulty levels and bonus weapon modes

Catchweight Studio plan to release Conscript on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Due to arrive the second quarter of 2021. But since pixel art survival horror hit Kickstarter. It is best to play the game Demo and get a deeper understanding. Which is certainly worth a look.

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