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Construction Worker Simulator just announced

construction worker simulator just announced for windows pc while leaving hope for linux gaming

Construction Worker Simulator just announced for Windows PC while leaving hope for Linux. Thanks to developer Emperor Games. Who just revealed the game, due to arrive on Steam.

We would like to introduce you to the Construction Worker Simulator. Due to prove to everyone that this profession can also be super exciting.

While creating the game Emperor put a lot of effort, grout and many tools into it. Due to make this game the real construction experience in the best possible way. Including a large number of different machines. All to help you do the job well and deliver the building on time. You get the jist.

Linux Support:

The engine used in our game is Unity. We’re focusing on creating a game for Windows, Linux is considered a port in the future.

First off, it’s hard to believe this stunning looking game is Unity 3D. At first glance, you would think Construction Worker Simulator is an Unreal game. But it’s also encouraging to see a port is being “considered” already. Which usually translates into, ‘depending on sales’. But it seems as though Emperor has a genuine plan for a port. And should be interesting to see how Proton support functions for this singleplayer.

construction worker simulator screenshot 1

Construction Worker Simulator is a game built on immersion. With a lot of work into the graphic design. So players can feel as if they really work on those construction sites. In addition, when they sit at the helm of the machines. The game perspective will change from a third person to first person. Likewise, this will allow you to control powerful devices more conveniently.

The game offers two perspectives that will change to fit the actual situation the most. When you work on foot, you will observe the construction site from the first person view. Creating an absolutely immersive experience. With a third person the perspective offers more accuracy and gameplay feel.

Construction Worker Simulator Features:

  • Ultra-realistic Construction Worker Simulator gameplay. Emulating authentic construction site experience
  • Beautiful graphics that help players immerse in the gameplay
  • Great variety of tools and construction machines to use
  • The mix of first and third person gameplay

Construction Worker Simulator release date is still TBA. But due to arrive on Steam for Windows PC, with a Linux port coming later.

construction worker simulator screenshot 1

construction worker simulator screenshot 2

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