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Contract Work stealth platformer delivers

contract work stealth platformer delivers on linux mac windows pc

Contract Work the new stealth platformer delivers on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Iterative Games. Now available on Steam Early Access with a discount and on Itch.

Contract Work is a procedural shoot or stealth platformer. All taking place in a cyberpunk universe. Sort of a Contra meets Metal Gear Solid. As you choose between sneaking or shooting. Playing a hi-tech mercenary taking on more dangerous and well-paid contracts. While you work to steal corporate secrets and wreak havoc. Search through procedurally generated levels. Each coming with a unique new set of challenges and dangers.

There is also a large range of weapons and hack programs. So that each Contract Work run will inspire you to create new strategies. While you work to maximize your profits.
Close contracts with skill, caution and extreme violence. Also spend your hard earned cash on powerful upgrades. All available in the vendor market. Check out the trailer below to have a look.

Contract Work Trailer

Every upgrade in Contract Work is designed to develop your character. So that combat focused characters can purchase specialized weapon upgrades and ammo. While hacking focused characters can upgrade software and increase CPU power. With stealth characters upgrading their sidearm and evasion techniques. So you can always keep things fresh.


    • Select from multiple weapons and hack programs for each run
  • Shop the black market in Contract Work. So you can unlock and install up to 50 unique upgrades
  • Unlock new weapons and hack programs
  • Limitless replayability. Since every run is different
  • New weapons, hack software, upgrades and enemies updates throughout Early Access

A storehouse of un-lockable content means that even if you reboot before retirement. You can retry your next career with new weapons, programs, perks. Let’s go blow up those robots.

Contract Work is available on Steam Early Access priced at $8.99 USD. And also on Itch priced at $11.99 USD. Playable on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.