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Convicted Galaxy 2.5D action exploration debuts on Steam

convicted galaxy 2.5d action exploration debuts early access for linux mac pc

So Convicted Galaxy is a #territorial 2.5D space based #action exploration game for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Hence developer Mind Grown Software has now #released available on Steam Early Access. While combining aspects of #roguelite and shoot ’em up sub-genres with a third person perspective. Yes it’s just that impressive.


So after a catastrophic event aboard an Interstellar Correctional Fleet (ICF) prison ship. Players find themselves stranded in an unknown galaxy full of escaped prisoners. While the escaped prisoners grow in numbers and strength with every passing moment. Build space stations and support structures around planets, upgrade your ship, and siege enemy locations in an effort to gain strength while weakening the enemy. Take risks when necessary, but don’t forget that you only have one chance.


In this single player experience, the player pilots their ship through 2.5D solar systems while utilizing portals to navigate between solar systems within the galaxy. The player must explore solar systems, build stations, and upgrade their spacecraft to survive enemies who also increase in difficulty over time.

So in the nature of exploration withing the solar systems, the player can obtain resources needed to build various structures and upgrades. Hence adaptive audio and 3D sounds, along with visual cues, aid the player while searching for resources. As well as navigating the large open solar systems. Upgrading and equipping the player’s spacecraft is vital to the player’s progress throughout the game. Enemy spacecraft will grow stronger and become more difficult to defeat as the game progresses.


  • Escape the galaxy
  • Rescue stranded pilots
  • Discover the truth

Below is a video of Mind Grown Software playtesting Convicted Galaxy. Skip to the 20:08 mark and bypass all the beginning content. Hopefully this gives a more avid out for the games range and capability. And do not this is a development video.

Playtesting Early Access exploration:

Convicted Galaxy Features

  • Discover and explore large galaxies full of unique solar systems, generated new for every playthrough
  • Navigate and alter asteroid belts to collect resources, find cover from pursuing convicts, or inflict damage
  • Build and defend space stations to obtain materials and perform ship upgrades
  • Deploy a variety of satellites for additional station support
  • Upgrade your spaceship with powerful weaponry and combine special abilities to increase survivability
  • Rescue pilots from disabled escape pods to unlock new technologies and discover what happened to the correctional ship
  • One chance at each unique galaxy, so make it count
  • Fight off hostile factions and destroy their space stations in a race to discover a way out of the Convicted Galaxy

Since Convicted Galaxy is still in development, hence Early Access on Steam and Itch. Mind Grown Software plans to be release the game in Q2 2017 on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. And the developers still have assets to create and features to implement. So they are looking for your support and feedback.

In the works

  • Collectible crew mission logs, introducing more story elements
  • Procedurally generated planet updates
  • Friendly spaceships / squad mechanics
  • Natural events such as solar flares, comets, and asteroid showers
  • New weapons and upgrades for your ship and space stations
  • And more…

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