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Core Defense roguelike to release next week

core defense roguelike to release next week on linux mac windows pc

Core Defense roguelike tower defense aims at a release on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer ehmprah who is eager to bring the tower defense to Steam or pre-purchase the game on

After releasing the multiplayer tower defense game Coregrounds in 2018. Lead dev Mario “ehmprah” Kaiser went solo. Since he wanted to work on a single-player spinoff. Reinventing the tower defense genre yet again. So now, Core Defense is due to release on January 16th on
The whole idea behind the project is to fuse tower defense genre. Working it in with the best of roguelike and deckbuilding games. Doing so in a simple, yet enticing and addictive formula. One that will put players into a pleasant challenge. Keeping you coming back for more.

Core Defense Teaser Trailer

“I wanted to make a game which gets you hooked easily. But will take hundreds of hours to master. Then finally beat on the highest difficulty” – Mario “ehmprah” Kaiser.


  • Defeat fifty waves without losing your core
  • Choose one out of several randomly rolled rewards after each wave
  • Build a winning combination of walls, towers, abilities, upgrades and modules
  • Enjoy infinite Core Defense replayability. With permadeath, randomized waves and rewards
  • Play in short sessions of about an hour or binge for hours on end
  • Beat a high base difficulty and many additional difficulty levels
  • Unlock dozens of quirky achievements

Coregrounds was the tower defense game launching back in 2018. This project was also shut down in early 2019. Sadly, due to unnamed reasons. But after the shutdown, lead developer Mario “ehmprah” Kaiser still had the itch. So he decided to scratch that by reinventing the tower defense genre. At that time, his solo project Core Defense development began.

So now, after a public alpha for the roguelike tower defense. Core Defense development has come together thanks to the community. While entering First Access on on January 16th. Due to relase on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. But don’t worry, your purchase will include a Steam key. And the games also coming to the Play Store and the App Store later this year.

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