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Core Defense roguelike tower defense has a Demo

core defense has roguelike tower defense free demo for linux mac windows pc

Core Defense roguelike tower defense game now has a Free Demo for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the continuing efforts of ehmprah. Giving players a chance to explore the game in the Prelude release on Steam.

Core Defense is a singleplayer tower defense game. A spinoff of Coregrounds released in 2018. A game that was shut down in early 2019 due to various reasons. If you caught our previous post. You’ll also know that after the shutdown, lead developer Mario “ehmprah” Kaiser took the helm. Since he still had an itch that could only be scratched. Simply by reinventing the tower defense genre yet again. This with his indelible solo project Core Defense.

Some 40-odd days after the first access launch on Now indie dev Mario “ehmprah” Kaiser adds a FREE Demo to his new game. Just make sure to scroll down to the bottom of the page.

“The community has already translated the game into several languages. And contributed countless ideas. So the open beta already proved successful. And a demo seems the next logical step to get even more people on board!” – Mario “ehmprah” Kaiser

Core Defense Teaser Trailer

Core Defense takes the best out of the tower defense genre. Then also infuses it with roguelike mechanics like permadeath or procedural generation. While adding a dash of deckbuilding to create a simple, yet enticing gameplay. This experience will also have players craving that one more wave. One more reward and yet another run at the game.

Core Defense will also be released on Steam, the Play Store and the App Store later this year.


  • Defeat fifty waves without losing your core
  • Choose one out of several randomly rolled rewards after each wave
  • Build a winning combination of walls, towers, abilities, upgrades and modules
  • Enjoy infinite replayability through permadeath, randomized waves and rewards
  • Play in short sessions of about an hour or binge for hours on end
  • Beat a high base difficulty and many additional difficulty levels
  • Unlock dozens of quirky achievements

Core Defense roguelike tower defense Free Demo is available on The games also coming to Steam as well. Along with support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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