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CORE DEFENSE tower defense enters first access

core defense tower defense enters first access on linux mac windows pc

CORE DEFENSE the roguelike tower defense enters first access on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to solo indie dev Mario “ehmprah” Kaiser. The game is now live on along with a nice discount.

CORE DEFENSE is now in First Access on While gameplay fuses tower defense. Along with the best of roguelike and deckbuilding games. Since we now have access to this enticing and addictive formula. Which is a challenging game. Which may have you in some degree of pleasant despair with its difficulty.

When CORE DEFENSE gets released on Steam later. All owners will get a free Steam key. Which is actually a pretty solid deal to help the developer update the DRM-Free game.

“I wanted to make a game that gets you hooked easily. But will also take hundreds of hours to master. And finally, beat on the highest difficulty” – Mario “ehmprah” Kaiser

CORE DEFENSE Teaser Trailer

The game is coming to the Play Store and the App Store later this year. During the First Access phase on Players will also have the chance to purchase limited rewards. So they can immortalize themselves in the game. While creating content in collaboration with the developer.


  • Defeat fifty waves without losing your core
  • Choose one out of several randomly rolled rewards after each wave
  • Build a winning combination of walls, towers, abilities, upgrades and modules
  • Enjoy infinite replayability through permadeath, randomized waves and rewards
  • Play CORE DEFENSE in short sessions. These are about an hour or binge for hours on end
  • Beat a high base difficulty and many additional difficulty levels
  • Unlock dozens of quirky achievements

CORE DEFENSE is available with a 10% discount on So the games priced at $8.99 USD. Available DRM-free with support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Also be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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