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Core Keeper content update and new servers

core keeper sandbox games new servers and the sunken sea for linux and windows pc

Core Keeper sandbox games new servers and The Sunken Sea for Linux and Windows PC. This is all due to the efforts and commitment of developer Pugstorm. Currently available on both Steam and Humble Store.

Pugstorm and Fireshine Games are eager to announce a new update for Core Keeper. Which also now available. While introducing official dedicated server support to the hit 1-8 player mining sandbox adventure.
From now, Core Keeper players will have the option to operate their own dedicated servers. Also allowing them to host multiplayer worlds for players to access at any time. More information on how to set-up your own dedicated server is available on Steam.

Pugstorm also revealed the first official details on ‘The Sunken Sea’ update. This is the first major content update for Core Keeper planned to release in June.

core keeper sandbox games new features for the sunken sea

The Sunken Sea update will introduce a brand new water-based biome to the game. One that is also full of large, mysterious bodies of water to explore and islands to uncover. Core Keeper explorers will be able to traverse The Sunken Sea in boats. A brand new method of transport introduced with the upcoming update. Then encounter multiple new enemy types as they get to grips with new weapons and gear. Mining new valuables and ore, experiment with new base building items, discover new fish, plants, and food.

Core Keeper – Early Access Launch Trailer

For the full reveal of The Sunken Sea update. We will have to check out the PC Gaming Show on June 12.

Core Keeper is a 1-8 player mining sandbox adventure game. One that also takes place in an ancient cavern of creatures, treasures, and trinkets. Mine relics and resources to build your base, craft new equipment, and survive. Defeat giant monsters, discover hidden secrets, farm crops, and go fishing. Then cook new recipes and explore a procedurally generated underground world. All due to unravel the mystery of the ancient core. And of course, the The Sunken Sea update will level up the game even further.

Since launching on Steam Early Access in March, Core Keeper has become Fireshine Games’ fastest selling digital games of all time. With almost 1 million players now having started their underground adventure. The game is also officially verified for Steam Deck, allowing Steam Deck users to continue their mining adventure on the go. Which a big win for Linux gamers and those curious about it.

Core Keeper sandbox games new servers are available now. At least for those who own the game via Steam and Humble Store. Which is currently priced at $12.99 USD / £10.99 / 12,99€. Along with continuing support for Linux and Windows PC.

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