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Core Keeper major content update reveal

core keeper games next major content update the desert of beginnings on linux and windows pc

Core Keeper games next major content update The Desert of Beginnings for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the commitment of developer Pugstorm. Which is available on Steam and Humble Store with 87% Very Positive reviews.

Pugstorm is eager to announce the first details on the next major content update for Core Keeper. Which is also aptly named The Desert of Beginnings. Due to be an all new free update released in November. Including details of the full roadmap of content coming to the game in the remainder of 2022.

The Desert of Beginnings also follows the launch of Core Keeper first major content update ‘The Sunken Sea’ earlier this year. Which is due to bring a brand new desert biome to the million selling mining sandbox adventure. Along with a scorching new ‘Molten Quarry’ sub-biome. As players explore the desert’s dunes and tombs, they’ll face a variety of new enemies. This includes the Bomb Scarab, Lava Butterfly, and Caveling Assassin. While on their journey to defeat a colossal new boss, Ra-Akar the Sand Titan.

Core Keeper players will also be able to mine a brand-new ore, Galaxite. That players’ can use to craft new weapons and equipment. Then upgrade and expand their bases even further. A new vehicle type will also be coming to the game. Offering an exciting new way for players to cross the desert sands.

The Desert of Beginnings also introduces Steam achievements to the game for the first time. Along with added localization support, allowing players to add custom Latin languages. The Desert of Beginnings will be available to all Core Keeper players for free. Due to release as a downloadable update on Steam this November.

Core Keeper – Early Access Launch Trailer

Along with revealing the first details on The Desert of Beginnings. Pugstorm also announces the line-up of additional free content and events. All due to make its way into Core Keeper later this year. ‘Cozy Caverns’, a cosmetics-based content update built around community feedback. This will also introduce a range of new ways for players to decorate their base. Which will release for free on September 14th. While seasonal in-game events themed around Halloween and Christmas. All due to take place later this year. Core Keeper has a third major update, introducing a new Crystal Biome, available in 2023.

Core Keeper is available now on via Steam Early Access. Which is priced at $12.99 USD / £10.99 / 12,99€. But you can save 10% with Humble Store for the next 4 days. Along with support for Linux and Windows PC. And its Steam Deck verified.

core keeper full roadmap of content coming to the game linux windows pc