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Core Keeper mining sandbox adventure in testing

core keeper mining sandbox adventure in testing via linux gaming with windows pc

Core Keeper mining sandbox adventure in testing via Linux gaming with Windows PC. Thanks to details from developer Pugstorm and pubisher Sold Out. Who are also eager to announce the game for Steam.

Core Keeper a new mining sandbox adventure coming to Steam Early Access later this year. Where your character is drawn towards a mysterious relic. Therefore, it’s up to you, as an explorer, that awakens in an ancient cavern. One that is also full of creatures, resources, and trinkets. Mine relics and resources to build your base. While you craft new equipment, survive, and power up the Core. Defeat giant monsters, discover hidden secrets, and farm crops. Then cook up new recipes and explore a procedurally generated underground world. All in a mining sandbox adventure for 1-8 players.

According to the em>Core Keeper Discussions post, it looks like “other platforms” are in testing.

We are aiming at developing for windows for now. But we have started doing testing within the team for adding support for other platforms.

Since most developers enter Early Access with Windows PC support. It looks as though those other platforms include Linux gaming. Of course, this does not guarantee day one support. But would appear that Pugstorm has plans for Linux.

Core Keeper – Announcement Trailer

For the first look at Core Keeper, watch the brand new announcement trailer. You can also or check out an extended look at gameplay. While animator Sven Thole and game designer David Lindqvist give players an in-depth look. Showing off the game’s systems and exploring the cave.


  • Mine resources – Explore a vast underground cave of endless resources. Mine resources, discover hidden crystals, fossils, and trinkets. Survive a procedurally generated underground world.
  • Power up the CoreCore Keeper lets you build work benches and generators to craft new equipment and technology. Create your base, and power up your Core.
  • Craft items and gear – Customise your explorer and craft new items. This includes armour and equipment to venture further into the cave.
  • Grow crops – Plant seeds and nurture crops to grow food. You can also combine ingredients in the Core Keeper cooking pot. Then discover tasty new recipes with powerful buffs.
  • Discover an ancient world – Explore living biomes and fight cavernous creatures. All simulated in an underground ecosystem.
  • 1-8 player sandbox – Work together to fight, farm, craft and survive. Offer up a 1-8 player adventure.

First Gameplay Look

Core Keeper’s blend of mining, farming, crafting, base building and co-op adventuring. And has all the hallmarks of a modern favourite. So we can’t wait to see the community’s response when the game launches in Steam Early Access later this year,” added Vincent Coates, Product Manager at Sold Out.

Core Keeper will be available on Windows PC via Steam Early Access in 2021. Testing is currently under way for Linux gaming. But the game can be added to your Steam Wishlist now.

So be sure to follow Core Keeper, via @CoreKeeperGame on Twitter and join the discussion on Discord.

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