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Core Keeper to add the Shimmering Frontier

core keeper mining sandbox adventure game new shimmering frontier update coming to linux steam deck windows pc

Core Keeper mining sandbox adventure game new Shimmering Frontier update coming to Linux, Steam Deck, and Windows PC. Thanks to the brilliant minds at Pugstorm, we’re in for another treat. The base game is available on both Steam Early Access and Humble Store with 94% Very Positive reviews.

Let’s dive deep into the upcoming “Shimmering Frontier” update for the acclaimed Core Keeper. Trust me, it’s going to reshape your underground adventures in a spectacular way on Linux and Steam Deck. Ready to embark on a new journey?

Imagine an entire setting, glittering and shimmering, like an untouched crystal cave waiting to be explored. This is precisely the setting of Shimmering Frontier. A pristine and mysterious crystal-based region awaits your exploration. Here, you’ll stumble upon a never before seen Solarite ore. What can you do with it? Craft some of the best equipment and tools in Core Keeper.

Speaking of tools, get ready for two Core Keeper game changers. First, there’s the Roofing Gadget. Think of it as your trusty tool to break through the ceiling and let in beams of sunlight. Due to shape the mood of your surroundings. Then, there’s the Obliteration Ray, which is also as powerful as it sounds. Since this is a laser drill designed to cut through walls faster than anything you’ve wielded before.

But the Core Keeper update is not just about the tools and settings. As you traverse this frontier, you’ll come across some unique people. Watch out for the Mimite, a creature that can mimic the crystal surroundings. There’s also the eerie Nilipede and the majestic Crystal Snails. And if you’re into farming, there’s a chance to breed and raise your livestock.

Core Keeper – Shimmering Frontier – Release Date Trailer

Trading has always been an integral part of our adventures, and the Crystal Merchant is someone you’ll want to befriend. This Core Keeper merchant has an array of new items up for grabs. Also, with the newly discovered Solarite, you can craft enhanced equipment, from a superior Mining Pick to an advanced Fishing Rod, Sword, and Crossbow.

Combat fans, there’s something thrilling for you too. New battle events await in Core Keeper, set in arenas where only the bravest emerge victorious and walk away with amazing rewards. Since you can outfit yourself with over 50 new pieces of armor and equipment. Ever thought of wearing a necklace, the Larva Fang, that drains health from foes? Or how about a Trench Coat that expands your carrying capacity? The choices are vast and exciting.

In this Core Keeper update, personalizing and upgrading your tools and weapons becomes a reality. A new feature called the Upgrade Station lets you enhance your favorite items. Dive deep underwater, and you might find the Atlantean Worm, a massive creature lurking in the Sunken Sea region. Beating it might also lead you to some amazing weapons like the Razor Flake and Slime Staff.

Optimization and Upgrades:

In addition to the Core Keeper content expansion, you’ll notice upgrades that enhance your experience. Right from optimized performance to better water interactions and more customization options for your character. For those on Steam, there are also 6 new achievements waiting to be unlocked on Linux and Steam Deck.

And for the creative minds, a special surprise awaits. A separate update now offers mod support, letting you browse, and install. So you can create custom mod’s to personalize your underground journey.

Having won awards for its social and debut features, Core Keeper has already captivated over a million players. It promises a blend of mining, exploration, combat, crafting, and survival in an ancient cavern full of mysteries, relics, and treasures.

Ready to jump into this mesmerizing world? Core Keeper mining sandbox adventure game is available on both Steam Early Access and Humble Store. Still priced at $15.99 USD / £12.99 / 15,99€. The new “Shimmering Frontier” is coming free on October 4th. Releasing on Linux, Steam Deck, and Windows PC.

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