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Core Keeper update The Sunken Sea out now

core keeper update the sunken sea out tomorrow for the game on linux and windows pc

Core Keeper update The Sunken Sea out now for the game on Linux and Windows PC. All due to the ongoing work and creativity of developer Pugstorm. Available on Steam Early Access and Humble Store. Still continues to hold 88% Very Positive reviews.

Head out on a seafaring adventure and discover uncharted islands. Thanks to the Core Keeper ‘The Sunken Sea’ update. This is also the first major content update for the hit 1-8 player mining sandbox adventure. Officially launching tomorrow, June 15th.

Available as a free update to all Core Keeper players. The Sunken Sea will introduce a brand new water-based biome. One that also happens to be full of with large, mysterious bodies of water to explore, and islands to uncover. Take to the seas in boats and discover a colourful new ore, Octarine. Doing so on an adventure to defeat Omoroth the Sea Titan. Which is a brand new titan boss hiding beneath the ocean waves.

Take on new aquatic enemies and a new sub-boss, Morpha the Aquatic Mass. While searching out new Core Keeper locations, fish, plants, food types, and more. Equip your explorer with new weapons and gear. This also includes new Octarine Armour and the Bubble Gun. Which is a new bubble blowing ranged weapon.

Multiple new base-building items will also give Core Keeper explorers more gear than ever. So you can build the ultimate homestead, including sprinklers to keep crops watered automatically. Portals that can be used to warp instantly between different areas of their worlds. There are also new work benches to craft multiple new items. This includes a new Fishing Bait Workbench and Jewellery Workbench. More quality of life upgrades and game balancing tweaks will also arrive with the update.

Core Keeper Sunken Sea Update Trailer (Linux, Windows PC)

Core Keeper is a 1-8 player mining sandbox adventure takes place in an ancient cavern. One that is also full of creatures, treasures, and trinkets. Mine relics and resources to build your base, craft new equipment, and survive. Beat giant monsters, find hidden secrets, farm crops, go fishing, and cook new recipes. All while you explore a procedurally generated underground world. Due to unravel the mystery of the ancient core.

Since launching on Steam Early Access in March, Core Keeper has become Fireshine Games’ fastest selling digital title of all time. With almost 1 million players now having started their underground adventure. The game is also officially verified for Steam Deck. Allowing Steam Deck users to continue their mining adventure on the go.

Core Keeper is available now on Steam Early Access. Priced at $11.69 USD / £9.89 / 11,69€. Regular price on Humble Store. Along with ongoing support for Linux and Windows PC.