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Coregrounds tower defense currently on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


Produced and published by indie game #developer Mario Kaiser and his team (aka nolife labs), Coregrounds is an ambitious #multiplayer tower defense game for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Captivating not only to play, but also to watch! Coregrounds is currently in BETA and #playable via browser with native apps coming to Windows, Mac and mobile. A Crowdfunding campaign via KickStarter is currently under way, already having €3,101 pledged for the €7,500 goal. With the objective of revamping the visuals and improving the interface in addition to adding new content and features prior to its official release in Q1 of 2017.

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Coregrounds was born from two thoughts: The tower defense genre does not have enough good multiplayer titles – and there are far too few head-to-head MOBA games. Coregrounds takes tower defense multiplayer to the next level and adopts the best of MOBAs: the tactical diversity and replayability; but it doesn’t have the social pressure and stress of a game where you have to have five friends online or play with a community that’s saltier than the dead sea.

2015 Championship Highlights

Along with the thriving community of fans, Mario and his team has been busy improving and polishing the game to ensure it has the perfect balance of gameplay, and is viable for eSports. With the aid of its active Crowdfunding efforts, Coregrounds is prepping for launch; new music, in-game tutorial, new servers and updated graphics and animations are in the works, supported by its growing community of followers and fans.

Check out and support the Coregrounds via KickStarter for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

For more information, check out the official website, follow on Twitter and Facebook.


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