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Corridor Z another violent zombie adventure

corridor z another violent zombie adventure for linux mac windows on steam

Corridor Z is a violent zombie adventure on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. Where the story takes place in an ordinary high school. And you guessed it, a zombie outbreak occurs. Since you one person in a group of survivors on the run for your life.

This time you don’t ‘face’ the obstacles, but the actual pursuit. Don’t let the zombies catch you up. Throw them various obstacles and aim for the head. All before they take the first bite.

Also, you have to find the lost recordings of the audio log. Trying to find where did the infection come from in your small town.

The Corridor Z release on Steam seems to be getting decent reviews. Since we have a fair amount of similar games now. Developer Mass Creation brings it all back with another take on the genre. Which depends solely on your reflexes. Since Corridor Z gets faster the longer you survive.

Corridor Z Official Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows, PS4)

Corridor Z Features:

  • Experience the most genre refreshing runner in years
  • Get thrilled with the unique and intense gameplay
  • Help the pom-pom girl, the jock and the jarhead to survive
  • Discover the infection’s mystery with voice-overed story
  • Stock the awesome upgradeable arsenal: pistols, SMGs, shotguns and more
  • Immerse yourself in multiple objectives designed for each of the characters
  • …and shoot down tons of running horror!

The style of gameplay and art style seems somewhat like White Noise 2. Yet instead of searching for video tapes. The player has to find an audio log.

Since Corridor Z is only singleplayer, it would also be interesting as a multiplayer design. Where each player takes control of each side. While including maybe mod support and a level editor.

The zombie adventure on Steam:

Steam release for Corridor Z also accompanies Android and iOS. Since this is technically a mobile game ported to Linux, Mac and Windows. The release is not overly priced, coming in at $7.99 USD.