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Corrupted RPG and visual novel releases

corrupted arcade rpg and visual novel releases on linux mac windows

Corrupted the mix of arcade, RPG and visual novel releases on Linux, Mac and Windows . The singleplayer games is also available on Steam Early Access this week. And also, the reviews are quite good.

As the player, you have to fight off the hordes of monsters. While working to break through to the truth.
Discover new skills and improve your combat arsenal. Since the ground under your feet will be strewn with skulls of enemies.

This is what is behind the Corrupted gameplay. As a brave warrior goes in search of a younger sister. Since she disappeared after the curse that fell on the village.

So the protagonist will be shoulder to shoulder with the hunter girl. Unravelling the wily intentions of the Warlock, the Witch and the King. Who is also involved in this. But will the characters understand what happened and find the missing sister?

Corrupted RPG Visual Novel Early Access Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • A full-scale campaign of 20 chapters.
  • Fight in forests, forts, corrupted lands, wastelands, on the town square and in the throne room.
  • A large arsenal and a wide variety of opponents.
  • A twisted story with a lot of characters – King, Witch, Counselor, Warlock and many others.

So develoer Juvty Worlds plan to release Corrupted, a full version before the end of 2018. While also releasing regular updates and they are looking for community interaction.

“In the news of the game on Steam, we will regularly inform you about the progress of development and future plans. You can leave your opinions in the comments to the news or on the Steam community forums. If you have a suggestion to add or change anything in the game, please write about it on the Steam forum – where we, as well as other players will be able to discuss the proposal and the possibility of realizing it.”

Corrupted releases with discount:

So if you want to dive into Corrupted via Steam Early Access. The games available with a 20% discount on Linux, Mac and Windows, priced at $7.99 USD until June 12th.

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