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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive characters now have Gloves

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has just received some new apparel. Still one of the #most #played #games on Steam and now Valve have outfitted CS: GO official site characters with new gloves and sleeves.

The blog post announced these new gloves mentioned that over 10 million unique players are now playing CS:GO each month. Which is a huge number considering the Steam usage has just hit over 12 millions players concurrently.

To celebrate the community’s success, we’re starting the new year by shipping a big visual upgrade to all of the first-person arm, hand, and glove models in the game.


As for the gloves themselves, this is part of the outfit that is often neglected, but they make a more realistic different. It would be even more impressive to have your own logo or avatar on the back of the gloves. And for all you livestreamers, that would make a fine aesthetic.


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