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Court of Ashes survival strategy visual novel

court of ashes survival strategy visual novel for linux and windows pc

Court of Ashes survival strategy in a visual novel for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Cratel Studios. And due to release on Steam next week. Offering up something a bit different.

Play as one of the 5 distinct characters. While lead the royal council through the time of turmoil and strife. Court of Ashes will have you interact directly with your fellow advisors. As you manage limited resources at your disposal on the strategic map of your realm.
You will also learn how to be a good ruler in Court of Ashes. Or face the consequences of your choices in one of 18 different endings.

Court of Ashes Launch Trailer

With your king assassinated and the country in the midst of a war. Experience the events that unfurl while playing as one of the five royal advisers. Since you all come together to create a collective governing council.
While making decisions. You will also manage your resources. Allocate them carefully to turn the tides of battle in your favor. Likewise, you will build relationships with your other council members. Above all, convince them to support yosur choices. Full of story driven interactions and branching choices. Court of Ashes is a turn-based strategy game. As a result, you must learn to rule before there is nothing left to rule over.


  • Five Separate Journeys
    Choose any one of the five council members to play. While witness the Court of Ashes story through different lenses. Explore how each character has their own ideas about ruling. Likewise, these ideas manifest into strengths and weaknesses. While you develop your relationship with each council member. Unlocking all 60 individualized affinity scenes.
  • Responsive Storytelling
    Discover 18 different endings, with various sub endings. Court of Ashes is also driven by your choices. Decide which path to follow in a branching story. Since you are following your responses to both the war. As well as the other council members.
  • Continual Discovery
    Explore the story a second, third, or fourth time through different characters. Since each has different approaches to conflict and alliances. Earn unlockable outfits, starting options, and scenes. Enhancing each new dive into the choices and experiences of Court of Ashes.

Court of Ashes is a story based survival strategy visual novel. Coming to both Linux and Windows PC. Which releases on Steam October 10, 2019. Priced at $9.99 USD.

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