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Court of Ashes visual novel strategy releases

court of ashes visual novel strategy game releases on linux windows pc

Court of Ashes visual novel strategy game releases on Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Cratel Studios. With positive reviews on Steam for this intense dialogue focused gameplay.

In Court of Ashes your king is assassinated. So the country is in the midst of a war. While you experience the events that unfurl as one of the five royal advisers. Who are all thrust together to create a collective governing council.
Which means you will have to manage your resources. Allocate them with care to turn the tides of battle in your favor. All while you build key relationships with your other council members. Convincing them to support your choices.

Court of Ashes Launch Trailer

This is a full character-driven game. With various interactions and branching choices. Court of Ashes is also a turn-based strategy game. So you will have to learn to rule before there is nothing left to rule over.
Likewise, if you appreciate having power. While you work your way through difficult choices in the name of victory. You will appreciate the Court of Ashes character driven gameplay.


  • Immerse yourself in a rich, character-driven story!
  • Interact, while work and build relationships with 5 unique councilors. Since each has their own interests and goals in Court of Ashes.
  • Play as any of the council members. So you can have a unique perspective on the events of the game!
  • Manage limited resources in a huge number of scenarios presented on the strategic map of your lands!
  • Reach one of 18 different endings. With a range of sub-endings for certain plots and characters, you meet along the way!
  • Unlock alternative outfits for your favorite royal advisors!

Cratel Studios is proud to release their debut game, Court of Ashes. The choice-driven visual novel strategy launches on Steam. Priced at $8.99 USD including 10% discount until October 17th, 2019. Also playable on Linux and Windows PC.

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