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Craftomation 101 will hold an open playtest

craftomation 101 puzzle automation game will hold an open playtest via linux mac windows pc

Craftomation 101 puzzle automation game will hold an open playtest via Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the brilliant team at for their amazing creativity. Working to makes its way onto both Steam and GOG.

After crash-landing on an ice-cold, desolate planet. The expanse of snow and ice seems endless. Your mission in this Linux game? Bring this planet back to life, and you’ve got a team of quirky little robots to help you out. You will get your chance in Craftomation 101 in a playtest on September 11-18.

In Craftomation 101 you will meet the CraftoMates. They might be small, but they’re the kind of friends you want by your side in such a place. They’re like the Swiss Army knife of robots, designed to do everything from digging up materials to building structures. The best part? You don’t need to be a programmer to tell them what to do. Since you can use simple visual commands. Due to put them on tasks and even program them to do things automatically.

Craftomation 101 puzzle automation trailer

Let’s talk about what’s fresh in the world of Craftomation 101:

  • Cargomate: This is the robot you’d call if you had to move a couch up five flights of stairs. He is also good for transporting heavy items, ensuring everything’s in its right place.
  • Plant Life: There’s a new type of plant in town called moss, and it thrives near sulphur sources. This green unit isn’t just there for looks; it’s also the key ingredient for making brews that give your Craftomates a boost.
  • Brewery: Speaking of brews, there’s now a building dedicated to crafting them. These aren’t your regular drinks in Craftomation 101. One type revs up your robots, making them work faster, while the other boosts their energy storage.
  • Changing Setting: Remember that these robots are working in cold conditions. Now, plants need the right temperature to grow, which means you’ll need to strategize how to warm things up for them.

The heart of Craftomation 101 lies in automation. Since it’s all about making processes run on their own. Set things up correctly, and you can lean back, relax, and watch as your once icy wasteland transforms into a thriving ecosystem.

Your Craftomation 101 robots? They’re an ever-evolving crew. You start with a basic team, but as you uncover more materials and learn more about the planet, you can enhance them. Just a small tip: keep an eye on their energy levels and remember to feed them. Also, if you’re smart, you can set up a system that takes care of that as well.

What’s Next?

Craftomation 101 puzzle automation game is about strategy, creativity, and watching the fruits of your labor come to life. So get ready to dive in and embark on a journey of exploration, and innovation, in the playtest on September 11-18. Coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Due to makes its way onto both Steam and GOG.

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