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Craftomation 101 sim now has a Demo

craftomation 101 strategy sim game now has a demo for linux mac windows pc

Craftomation 101 strategy sim game now has a Demo for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Which is the result of the work of developer As it gets read for a release on both Steam and GOG.

Indie game developer and publisher announces that the demo of Craftomation 101. Which will be available on Steam until the end of November.
In Craftomation 101, you land on a frozen planet with a vital mission. Since it is up to you to make it habitable. To do that, you’d need to harvest resources and craft tools. Plus you’ll also need plant trees, and produce oxygen. As well as burn fires and melt the ice. Along with an estimated time for the task: over 9000 years.

Craftomation 101 Gameplay Trailer

Develop a team of robots and watch them warm out, and terraform a cold planet. Use visual programming while you task these robots to do all of the hard work.
Enter CraftoMate! They can be scripted with visual programming to perform all kinds of tasks. More importantly, you can build and upgrade them with local materials in Craftomation 101.

Even more importantly: you can program CraftoMate to harvest and craft those materials. Then over time they will become a consistent workforce. Also capable of terraforming the entire planet. Just don’t forget to feed them once in a while… Though you can program them to do that as well.

The Craftomation 101 now gives you chance to get a sneak peak at the gameplay. Doing so on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC via Steam. There is also an itch standalone as well, should you choose.


  • Tiny robots
  • Visual programming (for tiny robots)
  • Crafting (performed by tiny robots)
  • A rocket (carrying one tiny robot)
  • A frozen planet to terraform

Craftomation 101 strategy sim game will be releasing via Early Access on Steam and GOG in Q1 2023. Due to arrive on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.