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Crash Force hovercraft racing could see a native release

crash force hovercraft racing could see a linux release

So with the arrival of Avorion and GoatPunks, comes a new amalgamation of games including the most #popular #genres in Crash Force. A new Early Access release developed to bring a new experience with the help of #UnrealEngine4.

So the games are all about multiplayer, arena, shooting at its core. While RPG and racing elements, where the player takes the role of a hovercraft to annihilate his enemies. So choose your side between the three rival hovercraft families. While also having the choice of nine hovercrafts models and battle in three distinct maps. 6v6 MAYHEM!!!

Linux support:

“Hello Todd,

If enough demand is met, we will start working on a Linux release of Crash Force.”

So we created a post in the Discussions on Steam. Show your love in the comments and hopefully we will see a native release.

The Games Features:

Innovative mix of video game genres

  • Multi-player
    Crash force is multi-player which means players from all over the world can join in and battle each other.
  • Arena
    Battles in Crash Force take place in closed arenas where players are encouraged to use their surroundings and environment to utilize their hovercrafts.
  • Competitive
    Competitive at its core, Crash Force encourages players to play with their own unique style and develop their skills in whatever way they see fit.

So in Crash Force there is a leveling system as well as a skill tree system. By playing matches players gain experience points. Collect enough experience points and you level up. Upon leveling up, you gain skill points to unlock a skills from your skill tree. Once you reach the level cap you gain a token. You can use this token to unlock special skills that cannot be accessed otherwise.
Shooting an enemy reduces their life. The player that lands the kill shot of a player scores a kill point for their team, while the player who dies suffers a death point for their team. The team or player with the highest kill to death ratio wins the game.

Crash Force is available now on Steam Early Access. So make sure to show that Linux love in the Discussions.