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Crashbots action shooter launches on Steam

crashbots action shooter launches on steam for linux mac windows

Crashbots the casual action shooter launches on Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. All thanks to the efforts of developer Neonchimp. Who are also proud to announce the release.

In Crashbots, players take control of the latest line of robots. While player test their fighting capabilities, agility, and endurance. Doing so in various arenas full dangerous obstacles, booby traps and enemies. Bringing back and old school style of gameplay. But with far more impressive graphics and control mechanics.

Crashbots features 2 game modes:

  • World Mode:
    In this game mode you have to reach the finish line of each level before your battery runs out. World Mode takes you through 5 different worlds that each have their own unique contraptions and enemies that will try to destroy you. The final level of each world is a big boss fight.
  • Endless Mode:
    In this game mode you have to run as far as you can before your energy runs out.

Crashbots features 5 different robots. Each robot has its own stats and a unique heavy attack. The robots can each be upgraded to improve their durability and fighting power. You can unlock new robots by finding all of their parts that are hidden in the various worlds and game modes.

Crashbots action shooter launches Steam Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • Arcade/Shoot em up Gameplay.
  • Boss Fights.
  • Auto-Runner.
  • 125 Levels in 5 different worlds.
  • Unlock and upgrade new characters.

Since Crashbots first released on iOS and Android in November of 2017. The games has also undergone a complete redesign to make it suitable for Linux, Mac, Windows and Console platforms.

The updated game includes 2 brand new worlds (The Wild West and The Neon City). Also a complete redesign of the “old” worlds (FactoryForest and; The Haunted House). An improvement in gameplay, a new mission/goal system, full controller/keyboard support. Since players can now deal heavy attacks for each robot.

Action shooter Launches on Steam:

Crashbots action shooter is available for Linux, Mac and Windows priced at $9.99 / €8,99 / £7,99. Along with a 10% launch week Discount on Steam until October 16th.

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