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Crazy Dreamz: Best Of launches on Steam

crazy dreamz best of launches on steam mac windows and soon linux games

Crazy Dreamz: Best Of [official website] launches today on Steam for Mac and Windows. While the Linux build is coming, but later. We have a small update. Since the debut will provide some feedback for developer Dreamz Studio.

Linux release:

“I think it could be April”

So, this is a very short reply. The Unity 3D games releasing for Windows and Mac first. Then expanding platform support. And do keep in mind, this is also a community created game. So there is a solid collaboration between developer and community creators.

Crazy Dreamz: Best Of launches (Mac and Windows, soon Linux)

Crazy Dreamz: Best Of is a crowd-developed game. Which features 100 of the very top levels created by the game’s community of players. In a landmark decision by the development team. These creators will also receive 50% of the game’s revenue for their efforts.
Recently awarded for “Best Video Game” at Monaco Anime Game International Conferences. Also referred to as M.A.G.I.C. This award means a whopping €100,000 investment by Shibuya Productions. Which is an impressive investment opportunity for the platformer.

Following the Crazy Dreamz: MagiCats Edition’s launch into Steam Early Access in September 2017. The player base have designed over 20,000 levels. All using the in-game level editing and visual programming interface. In the interest of giving back to their level-editing community. Dreamz Studio have select the 100 best levels. Overhauling them with new artwork and effects in this new release. Voila, a new game on Steam.

So rather than crowdfunding, the studio’s idea of community level editing is impressive. Having played Crazy Dreamz: Best Of, a Linux release would do the game justice.

Steam release:

Crazy Dreamz: Best Of launches on Steam for Windows and Mac. The Linux release is coming soon, as mentioned. The original Crazy Dreamz will continue to be improved as part of Steam’s Early Access program. And is also available via Android and iOS.

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