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Crazy Justice battle royale release

crazy justice battle royale release for linux mac windows

Crazy Justice release for yet another battle royale game, but this is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows on Steam. Along with most of these games, this going to be launch in September 2018. Playable now for all Fig backers.

So like most, the idea is to be the last one standing in Crazy Justice. You select a Hero, customize your skills and loot powerful weapons to be the best Champion. Sound familiar, right?
Then you set out travel across the world to save it from the forces of evil. Doing so solo or with friends, working to be the best in FREE a 100-player PvP mode.

Crazy Justice battle royal Gameplay (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Crazy Justice has a little bit more to explore. You can choose your favorite hero from dozens of available one. While always stay in the safe zone. Yeah yeah… again nothing new. But the gameplay above looks interesting. Seriously I do hope there will be an improvement in sound effects though. Plus I’m also eager to see what else the game has to offer. Maybe this is not such a traditional battle royale?

Similar to Fortnite, you don’t have to walk around this incredibly huge map. Just pick a vehicle and explore the world of Crazy Justice. Mind you these are not shopping carts or golf carts. But an actual vehicle. Which leaves me to believe I be able to take out a couple of players by running them over.

As with most Battle Royale games there is a traditional gameplay. Crazy Justice Skill Royale mode has my attention here. Select your Hero before them match, each of them has its own game-changing special skill. So you can become a poisoner with Kane. Use the tanky Hegarts strength or hide somewhere on a rooftop. Or just let the hunt begin with Spy. Deploy turrets, walls, stairs, shields, wormholes or use some other skills. Which could very well take me away from playing Fornite.

Steam release:

So another free to player Battle Royale, releasing September 2018 via Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. So that is this Friday. And if you like the game, there is the Battle Pass too.

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