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Crazy Pixel Streaker sports action comedy is now available on Linux and Mac


Lubiterum, a spanish studio from Barcelona, and its game label The Sidekicks, are happy to announce that Crazy Pixel Streaker is now available for Linux and Mac.

Crazy Pixel Streaker is an insane brawler game with #roguelike elements. It offers instant fun in a retro arcade style for up to 4 players. Players lead a fellowship of jackasses abducted by angry aliens and forced to spread chaos into the most famous sports events (!). In order to survive the waves of security agents, they will need to use stupid weapons like watermelon bazooka or Coke & Mentos Grenades. They will get to fight epic bosses and even ride a magical rainbow pig!


  • HIT, KICK, SHOOT!Back to the roots of video game fun!
  • NAKED FIGHTS WITH FRIENDS, UP TO 4Local or online, Cooperate to beat the security or compete in mini-games.
  • EPIC BEAT THEM ALL!Defeat huge waves of enemies in intense and very challenging stages.
  • EXPLODING FOLLOWERSGather fans and form the longuest conga to unleash massive magic spells.
  • AMAZING ENCOUNTERSFrom hilarious security guys to epic bosses, enter an insane world.
  • ENDLESS ADVENTURE MODEA spiced journey with yummy permadeath sauce.

Crazy Pixel Streaker was launched on Windows PC earlier this month and now Linux and Mac. And currently available on the Steam Summer sale with a 10% discount at $8.99.

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