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Create new levels with the Trine and Trine 2 level editor

Developers at Frozenbyte have #released public beta versions of the level editors for both its magical #puzzleplatformers. Allowed players to create #newlevels, edit existing ones, and put together their own multi-level campaigns. Like a string of grappling hook playgrounds, perhaps. If someone would kindly make a Trine 2 level that’s a big huge grappling hook playground with daring leaps and grand fairytale vistas, that would be amazing.

The level editor is the one Frozenbyte themselves use, so documentation is predictably sparse. That’s why it’s not properly officially launch just yet. And basic instructions are over on a how-to wiki that has been set up, including how to download and install the level editor.

The Trine 1 editor is only for the Enhanced Edition, the upscale version ported to Trine 2′s engine. But the big question, how about Linux support?

(Pardon the grammatical error)

Somewhat of a let down when you think of  all the platform support Frozenbyte have issued for Linux, Mac and Windows PC in the past. But we did take a shot at trying the level editor in WINE with limited luck. We are not saying it did not work, try it for yourself with Trine 2. It’s easy and its free.

Steam Workshop repositories are live for both games,  there is a level a Frozenbyte gentleman made with lots of spiked balls. A lack of vast forests bathed in teal mist and bristling with branches to swing from. Maybe with a giant snail casually munching on lettuce in the background. A babbling brook we hear but only see in teasing glimpses between the trees. At least not yet, anyway.