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Creative Assembly new FREE definitive editions

creative assembly releases new free definitive editions on linux mac windows games

Creative Assembly announces new Free definitive editions for Linux, Mac and Windows on Steam. Available for three of their celebrated strategy titles. So Empire: Total War, Napoleon: Total War and Medieval II: Total War. Although Napoleon: Total War does not have Linux support. But the game is playable via Steam Play – results vary.

Free Definitive Editions from Creative Assembly:

So these new editions include all the DLC and expansion packs.. Which also means hundreds of hours of gameplay. All taking place across the ages.

What’s more, players who already own these titles on Steam. Will also be upgraded and gifted the DLC free of charge.

About Total War: EMPIRE (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Control the land and command the seas with Creative Assembly. Total War: EMPIRE puts you in the Age of Enlightenment. A time of political upheaval. With military advancements and endless possibilities. BAFTA winning EMPIRE came out in 2009. And also achieved universal praise. Scoring a 90 on Metacritic. And huge scores of 95% from the likes of IGN and Game Informer.

Includes: Elite Units of the East; Elite Units of America; The Warpath Campaign.

About Total War: MEDIEVAL II (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Expand your reign in Total War: MEDIEVAL II. Make your mark in massive battles. Featuring up to 10,000 blood thirsty troops. All through the most turbulent era in Western history. MEDIEVAL II came out in 2006 from Creative Assembly. And was the 2007 winner of the Satellite Award. Since this is an outstanding strategy game. It was also nominated for several awards. While including BAFTA’s Games Award for both the main game and DLC.

Includes: Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms

About Total War: NAPOLEON (Windows, Mac)

Creative Assembly covers Italy to Waterloo. Due to Total War: NAPOLEON covering two decades of crazy battles. While story of an amazing military career unfolds. Its score was critically claimed. Receiving the IVOR Novello Award for Best Original Video Game Score in 2011. So thank you Creative Assembly for these definitive editions.

Includes: Coalition Battle Pack; The Peninsular Campaign; Imperial Eagle Pack; Heroes of the Napoleonic Wars

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