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CreatorCrate action and slapstick chaos releases

creatorcrate action and slapstick chaos game releases on linux and windows pc

CreatorCrate action and slapstick chaos game releases on Linux, and Windows PC. All due to the creative efforts of developer Jori Ryan. Available now both Steam and Itch (including Steam key).

Indie developer Jori Ryan’s intense sci-fi action platformer releases. Which also takes place in a rotating space station, the eponymous CreatorCrate. Due to be a revolutionary autonomous home appliance, able to create anything that you could ask for. However, when faced with eternal servitude on a kitchen counter. CreatorCrate decided it would rather be free. And a result will use its matter shaping abilities to fend off the humans and escape.

CreatorCrate has been my passion project for 7 years. And it’s incredible to finally unleash it on the unsuspecting human race,” said CreatorCrate’s developer Jori Ryan. “CreatorCrate is all about freedom. Pitting players against an endless slew of procedurally generated platforming challenges. Then asking them to arm themselves with whatever objects they wish to manifest. Think Spelunky meets Jackie Chan. It’s utterly ridiculous. And more importantly, a whole lot of fun!”

On this high intensity adventure you play as a prototype CreatorCrate. An incredible machine that can convert anything to pure matter. But also convert that matter into anything. Since this ranges from a gun to a picnic table to even a human body. Yes, humans are made of matter too. CreatorCrate will have to ‘recycle’ its enemies to maintain its health. While keeping resource levels high.

CreatorCrate Out Now

You will have to contend with a variety of enemies across an array of hazardous settings. With only your trusty robot arm and your ingenuity to guide you. Use your ability to create to turn the tide in your favor. Maybe melt an escape route with a vial of acid. You coudl also make a powerful weapon to return fire. Terrify your enemies with poorly made clones. Be careful of shifts in gravity. In one area, you might be floating through a firing squad. While in another, you could be flung into the immense void of space by the space station’s spin. Procedural generation keeps the action fresh each time. So every playthrough is a new challenge!.

CreatorCrate action and slapstick chaos release on both Steam and Itch (including Steam key). The game is priced at $12.00 USD / £9.29 / €9.99, with a 17% discount until August 18th. With support for both Linux and Windows PC.