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CreatorCrate developer offers a walkthrough

creatorcrate intense action platformer developer offers a game walkthrough for linux and windows pc

CreatorCrate intense action platformer game developer offers a walkthrough for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the ongoing efforts of indie developer Jori Ryan. Currently available on both Steam and Itch (including a Steam key).

Indie developer Jori Ryan has released a Developer Walkthrough video. Showing how to play her unique grabby robot rampage game, CreatorCrate. Which also takes place in a rotating space station.

The eponymous CreatorCrate was meant to be a radical autonomous home appliance. Since it can create anything that you could ask for. However, when faced with eternal servitude on a kitchen counter. Well, this is CreatorCrate decided it would rather be free. Due to using its matter shaping abilities to fend off the humans and escape.

Deadly action and slapstick chaos. CreatorCrate is an intense action platformer with roguelike elements. It’s also chalked full of wired death traps. Which also includes terrifying murder bots and passenger pigeons.

Indiedev Jori Introduces CreatorCrate, a Grabby Robot Rampage Game

This video shows off how the CreatorCrate can use the power of physics. Since it can unleash chaos upon its human captors. Print anything you want, then use your newfound apparatus as a weapon. Maybe also use it as a shield or tool to scramble your way through. Facing an array of guards, robots, and high tech defenses. If anything, you should try out the native Linux demo. Since this introduces you to the physics and mechanics of the game.

“Not a lot of games offer players as much unbridled freedom as CreatorCrate. Which can be a little intimidating at first. So I wanted to make this video to help onboard any wannabe sentient 3D printers on the run,” said CreatorCrate’s developer Jori Ryan. “CreatorCrate is a totally wild game. Rich with potential thanks to its persistent physics system. As well as player freedom, and procedurally generated levels.”

CreatorCrate is a fast, chaotic, and totally unique platformer. Offering up some roguelike elements. But it’s your task to outsmart everything that wants you dead. All while using your reactive grabby robot arm.
Rampage through a massive circular space station. Grab, stab, block, throw, and devour your enemies. Since you can do more than run and shoot. This means you can also improvise and CREATE.

The CreatorCrate developer walkthrough certainly offers a further view. Since it gives both Linux and Windows PC games some insight. But also, it’s a very unique intense action platformer for only $12 USD. Available on both Steam and Itch (including a Steam key).

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