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Crime Code a detective sim now on Kickstarter

crime code a detective sim now on kickstarter for linux mac windows

Crime Code is a combination of a criminal quest and a detective simulator on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and Windows. Which comes with sharp plot twists and vivid characters. And the crowdfunding campaign aims to seek $12,000 USD in funding.

So the story focuses in on aa young detective investigating complicated cases. While bringing to light terrible secrets of the city dwellers.
Crime Code is set in an alternate version of 1970’s Chicago called New Chicago. And players take on the role of a young detective named Martin Gray.

In this alternate timeline, modern life functions as part of a global network. While nefarious individuals within New Chicago attempt to influence and control changes.

Now when it comes to gameplay, the title is an attempt to combine point-and-click gameplay. And also more specific RPG systems like hacking, dialogue choices and of course crime scene investigation. The investigation aspect of the game includes searching, hacking and choice.  Players will need to be careful when working to find information. Including the methods they employ and how information is being put to use.

Crime Code detective sim trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Crime Code has the art style similar to that of Thimbleweed Park. While obviously more on the serious side. Presenting something similar style to that of Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth. At leas that’s what first comes to mind.

Also use of the internet is an integral part of Crime Code. Which players have to use to find information, databases, and code. Rather interesting for the 1970’s. While being able to hack into the world of New Chicago. This includes psychological effects, too. Since personal data can be used to manipulate a person’s desires and fears.


The game’s crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter contains a more details about Crime Code. This includes the integration of an important mini-game entitled Black Forest. As initially explained, the detective sim is coming to Steam on Linux, Mac and Windows. But the developer has indicated a GOG release is possible too.

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