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Crooks Like Us multiplayer lets you steal everything

crooks like us new multiplayer lets you steal everything in linux gaming mac and windows pc

Crooks Like Us new multiplayer lets you steal everything in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to indie development studio Out of Tune Games. Due to be available on Steam in 2021.

The alpha of Crooks Like Us available on So you and a couple of friends can play online together for free via your web browser. The final version of the game will be available on Steam in March 2021. While the Steam page only show Mac and Windows PC. It looks like Linux support is in the plan though.

We are using Unity 3D as our development platform. We will definitely do a Linux port, which will be available on Steam.

Originally, Crooks Like Us the itch alpha demo uses WebGL. So it should work for everyone via a web browser. This seems to work rather well in Chrome on Linux (not incognito mode). That being said, it’s a pleasure to see the developers are already planning a native build.

The Crooks Like Us chaotic online multiplayer lets you steal everything. Therefore it is up to you to steal everything you see. While taking simultaneous control of both the thieves and the room you are actually robbing. Needless to say, the gameplay is actually quite hilarious.

Crooks Like Us Trailer: Alpha Release

In Crooks Like Us you will have to carry as many items as you can. Then get to your getaway van before time runs out. Balance a higher stack to get more points and use gadgets to mess with other players.

“We’re keen to get streamers playing the alpha of Crooks Like Us”, says Mal Duffin, co-founder at Out of Tune Games. “We’d love to incorporate their feedback into the beta due at the end of January, and ultimately into the final release”.


Crooks Like Us has a new Discord channel. Where people can join to arrange times to play with other players. And also offer up feedback on the game. Due to release in March 2021. With support in Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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