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Cross Platform Mobile Game Technology Company Attracts Investment From YouWeb and BBC Worldwide

Strategic partnership with BBC Worldwide will power its new HTML5-compatible social games and apps with native performance on iOS, Android, and Smart TVs

Social games technology company and author of the PerfMarks Report,, is announcing today that it has raised a new strategic round of funding to further accelerate the company’s development of its breakthrough technology platform.

This second round of investment allows to continue to staff its team and to develop its HTML5 technology and flash compatible native performance technology. This technology allows applications to be created once and then simultaneously released across mobile and web platforms. The business is part of one of the most prestigious incubators in Burlingame, California and currently the market leader in the HTML5 sphere, having been the first social games company to make this increasingly popular platform available for multiple devices.

BBC Worldwide joins the list of investors with a view to use’s technology to design its next generation of games and apps. In addition to reducing the timeframe of launching on multiple devices, the arrangement will help BBC Worldwide significantly lower development costs, and help it to become more innovative in emerging markets, such as connected TV, HTML5 and social mobile gaming.

“BBC Worldwide’s strategic commitment in our technology is another step towards the Spaceport platform becoming the industry-standard for cross-platform mobile game development.” said Chairman Peter Relan. “We are thrilled with the opportunity to work with a globally-renowned organization such as BBC Worldwide — whose reach spans 200 countries as well as hundreds of millions of consumers — in order to help leverage their major media properties.”

Robert Nashak, BBC Worldwide EVP Digital Entertainment & Games said: “Spaceport is the leading HTML5 game development platform for creating high-performance game applications. This partnership signals our continued support of innovative new businesses like and will allow fans of BBC Worldwide brands to access to our latest games on a wide variety of platforms and operating systems.”

The first project from BBC Worldwide and is due for launch summer 2012. is part of YouWeb — one of the most prestigious games incubators in the U.S. — and is currently the market leader in HTML5 application development, having been the first social games company to make this increasingly popular platform available for multiple devices and operating systems. The industry-standard Spaceport platform uses JavaScript to support high performance HTML5 games on Android and iOS, and offers enormous improvements in game performance.

In just two years BBC Worldwide has released almost 40 titles and sold over 6 million physical and download versions of games such as Top Gear Stunt School and Doctor who Mazes of Time- as well as a multi-year partnership with Top Gear and Forza Motorsport for Xbox. Upcoming launches include the hugely anticipated Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock console download game for Sony’s Playstation 3 and Vita platform and Jane Austen’s Rogues and Romance for Facebook.

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