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Cross-platform shooter Monster Madness Online announced from Dungeon Defenders developers

Dungeon Defenders developer Trendy Entertainment and its new indie subsidiary Nom Nom Games announced a new cross-platform, #RPG-like shooter called Monster Madness Online today. The #freetoplay game places combatants in the shoes of one of four minors in Suburbia City, which has been overrun by invading Martians whose powerful Monster Tokens apparently don’t affect the kids of the town.

Monster Madness Online is billed as the first #3Daction game to use Mozilla’s asm.js technology, which enables Nom Nom Games to take advantage of a higher level of JavaScript development. This offers developers the ability to insert physics, 3D graphics, multiplayer networking, advanced animation and other beefier game elements into their browser-based projects without the use of a proprietary plugin.

Trendy Entertainment Co-Founder and CTO Jeremy Stieglitz explained the developer’s use of asm.js in a separate trailer, found after the break. The game is expected to fully launch in May 2014 for PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and any web browser of choice. An online, pre-alpha PvP version of Monster Madness Online is available to try out now on the game’s website.

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