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Crossing Souls games, behind the scenes look

crossing souls games behind the scenes look for linux mac windows

Crossing Souls gets a behind the scenes look since the games coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. This is all in anticipation of the coming action adventure release. Crossing Souls is scheduled for February 13th launch on Steam.

So players take a stroll through the legendary streets of Seville, Spain. With the charming team of the Fourattic studio that created the game. While you work to find out how this strange name for the studio was born. How children’s love and professional paths led to the birth of Crossing Souls. And is it worth creating a game when all bets are against you?

Behind the Schemes: Crossing Souls (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Subtitles are available in the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and Polish.

So Crossing Souls sends us to the not so distant past. Bright days in California in 1986, where the company of friends will survive the most amazing summer in their life. And the reason for this will be a randomly found mysterious artifact, the true possibilities of which our heroes do not understand, but one knows for sure – their lives will no longer be the same. Children will go against the laws of nature, interacting with two layers of reality: life and death. Their excessive curiosity will turn into a series of unexpected events, and a wonderful adventure will carry children away, away from home and into the dark behind-the-scenes government conspiracies. In which there was also an eccentric general of the US Army, who was building his sinister plans.

Crossing Souls Features

  • Feel the eighties – Do you feel that? Do you smell that? Yeah, it’s the eighties. A story set in 1986 full of references such as The Goonies, Gremlins, Back to the Future and many more.
  • Do you like Cartoons? – The cutscenes are inspired by 80’s cartoons, totally original and never seen before in a videogame.
  • Why is this happening? – Be part of a journey between two realms, two realities: life and death. The story includes a government conspiracy, thousand-year-old characters, cowboys, pirates, ice cream, pizza, cheeseburgers, basketball… well, you got it.
  • This music rocks! – An original score that includes tracks inspired by John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith as well as radical Synth-Pop in the purest 80’s style. Play as if it was one of your favorite movies!
  • Ready? Fight! – You can kick multiple enemies in the ass stylishly. Fight against street gangs, a secret army, dead monsters, creepy ghosts and many more in frantic real-time combats where a good strategy will be essential to win. Main characters have unique talents and aptitudes.

Release in Steam games:

Crossing Souls is preparing for the adventure season on Linux, Mac and Windows. So to check out even more information, go to the games official website. So follow @Fourattic on Twitter.

Crossing Souls is coming to Steam on February 13, 2018. Stay tuned for more details.

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