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CrossOver 15.1.0 has been released with some marked improvements for Linux


#CodeWeavers the #developers behind CrossOver have released CrossOver 15.1.0 graphical interface for #Wine on both Linux and Mac.

This release is build on the latest stable build Wine 1.8.1, adds significant improvements for many Windows applications and games, including, titles such as Heroes of the Storm and World of Warcraft, Microsoft Office, particularly the Excel spreadsheet application.

From the changelog, it looks like the Mac version of CrossOver has received some much-needed improvements.
And anyone playing World of Warcraft with CrossOver on Linux or Mac should know that the bug preventing players from logging into the game has been resolved. Along with various graphical issues reported by Alekhine’s Gun game players on Intel video cards have also been patched.

Steam should also work a lot better better now in CrossOver 15.1.0, allowing players to setup CrossOver’s anti-virus scanner via a configuration file. Existing CrossOver users will receive the CrossOver 5.1.0 update today for free. New users can purchase CrossOver from the official webpage.


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