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CrossOver 16 releases for both Linux and Mac users

CrossOver 16 releases for both Linux and Mac user

CrossOver 16 supports #MicrosoftOffice2013 on both Linux and Mac. So you can install Microsoft Office 2013 with CrossOver using your #Office365 subscription. This is also #available for use in a standalone license. Microsoft Project 2013, Visio 2013, and Outlook 2013 are do not have support. While each of those are under active development and we plan to add support for them soon. Therefore this brings the convenience, ease, and interoperability of the full featured modern Office suite. Both to Linux and Mac customers.

CrossOver 16 is the first version of CrossOver to support 64-bit Windows applications.  Due to Codeweavers adding automatic install recipes for a
few popular titles already.

We are proud that CrossOver 16 is using the upcoming Wine 2.0. Wine 2.0 brings thousands of improvements to the core technology
CrossOver uses to run Windows applications.

CrossOver 16 also brings functional improvements to Quicken, the Microsoft Office 2010 suite, and many of your other favorite Windows

Linux users can download the latest version from .

Thank you all for your support, and we hope you enjoy CrossOver 16.0.0!

If CrossOver asks for registration. Use your email address & password to register and unlock CrossOver. Email [email protected] if you need more help.

So we expected to see a launch video or something. Still, CrossOver 16 offers a great deal of choice if you have to run Microsoft applications on a more stable operating system.

CrossOver 16 Change Log:


  • Application Support:
  • CrossOver now supports Microsoft Office 2013!
  • Microsoft Office 2013 canactivate either an Office 365 subscription or a product key.
  • Core Technology Improvements:
  • CrossOver 16 is based on Wine 2.0, with thousands of improvements to Windows compatibility across the board.
  • CrossOver now supports 64-bit Windows applications, with new bottle templates and 64-bit dependency management.

Bug Fixes:

  • Quicken 2014-2016 updates will now apply automatically during installation.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented saving very large files in Microsoft Excel 2010
  • Fixed a bug which prevented opening hyperlinks from documents in Microsoft Office 2010.
  • Shell folder links will now be updated when importing bottles into CrossOver from an archive file.
  • Fixed an audio bug which could cause Blizzard games to emit unwanted noises from the speaker.
  • Fixed a bug in Tencent QQ which caused the application to hang when adding a new contact.
  • Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 will display correctly again.